YOUR EXPERIENCE AND COMFORT is our top priority.

The following services have been prepared to ensure that you have a pleasant and unique experience.

  • Hair & Makeup

    Professional styling team will take care of your hair and makeup. They will be the only ones at the venue and the hotel to provide these services. No other companies will be allowed.

    Hairstyle prices:                                 Makeup prices:
    Men 30€                                                 Pure 40€
    Women basic 50€                              Full 60€
    Women medium 60€                       Men 20€
    Women very expanded 70€
    Crystals and other decorations 5€

    Whatsapp: +48601890817
    Instagram: @am_allure
    Facebook: @am.allure.beautycorner

  • Airport and hotel transfers

    Provided by private transport.

  • Photography services

    Professionals from Czech Republic – Taneční svět company.

  • Tourist services

    Including the Prague sightseeing package – or contact us directly for special offer to


... can be made at the same time as your competition application.